How to Gain Muscle When You Are New to Lifting

Limit yourself to only 3 weight training sessions per week. Even though it can be tempting to hit the gym every day, training too much will not help you build any more muscle mass. This is one of the hardest things for beginning lifters or bodybuilders to wrap their minds around but the bottom line is that if you really want to gain muscle mass, it’s critical that you learn to give your muscles the time that they need to completely recover between training sessions.

Limit your workouts to an hour. I know this sounds weird! But an hour should be adequate time to get in a nice and intense growth stimulating workout. Most lifters think that they need to be wasting a few hours each day in the weight room, but that’s not true! You just need to learn how to focus your attention on your workout and ensure you are doing the most efficient lifts.

Train your body areas one time each week. This will let your muscles fully recover by allowing for 7 full days of rest between workouts. If you do this not only will your body feel better, but it should be able to get a lot stronger with a full 7 days to recover. There is a time and place for body part specialization routines that require multiple body part focused workouts each week, but not when you’re first starting out.

Train no more than two body areas per workout. If your weight training workouts are limited to an hour, it will be almost impossible for you to train more than a few body parts in each training session. Combine your body parts together in a way that will give you the ability to train with weights that are heavy. It’s a good idea to match up body parts that complement each other, but do not require a huge amount of energy to support within the same training session. This will give you the ability to train with very heavy weights for each body part.

Get educated about your diet so it supports your goals. Give your car the best fuel possible so it can perform the way you ask it to. You may find yourself hungry, this is good, give your body what it asks for but give it solid nutrition. That means no processed food, protein in whatever forms you prefer (plants, animals, nuts, seeds, etc), a balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats, limit alcohol and get rid of inflammatory foods such as refined sugars.

If you take the time to work these simple yet effective weight training tips into your new lifting or bodybuilding program you will pack on muscle fast while building a solid base of strength at the same time! Good luck and enjoy watching your body change!

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