The World Feels Crazy, How Can I Stay Sane?

Get Your Information from Trusted Sources

Everyone on the internet is an expert, right? And everyone has an opinion they can now share on the world wide web. But know that over-consumption of information, opinion including the media and especially over-consumption of inflammatory media can cause biological, neurological and chemical changes to your body and to the bodies of your family.

Making a conscious choice about where to consume your information can be the first step into keeping your brain, body and mental health healthy! Choose resources that check facts, use research done by credible sources to compare and contrast information or data and if the opinion of the person is in the forefront and the facts are not, change the channel or keep scrolling!

Make Smart and Healthy Decisions

Once you have trusted sources from which to get your information you are better prepared to make smart and healthy choices for yourself and/or your family. This can help you NOT to panic or become anxious and to help you make logical decisions based on analyzing facts and assessing probabilities rather than making decisions out of fear.

Practice Self-Regulation

Emotional regulation is the art of regulating ones emotions or emotional impulses. This is easier said than done! Our brains are wired to respond strongly at times to ensure our survival as human beings but unfortunately, sometimes our brains can get wired incorrectly or the switch malfunctions and doesn’t switch OFF when it should so the brain remains in an alert and ON position all the time. This can lead to hyper alertness, worrying, anxiety, chronic fear, insomnia, over or under eating and so on. All things that lead to poor health and a suboptimal life experience.

So what can be helpful is to stop periodically throughout the day to check in with your emotional self. Set an alarm every two hours to see how your body is feeling. Isy our stomach clenched? Does your chest feel tight? Is your brow furrowed? Do you have a headache? Are you feeling anxious or worried? Most of us adapt over time to what our bodies feel like and may not notice these small signs. So make it a practice to check in.

Once you recognize you are having a negative emotion, you have the power to make a different emotional choice (DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE? ISN’T THAT GREAT?!?!). We cannot stop the initial brain response, or automatic brain response, but we CAN choose what we do from the moment we recognize a negative or toxic emotion.

What Else Can I Do?

Consider writing one or two things every day you are grateful for. Take a piece of paper and actually write them down. I suggest a journal style that you can look at over time. Even on the darkest days, even when the only thing you may have is that the sun came out that day, write it down. This helps to rewire your brain from a negative place to a positive place over time.

Also consider consuming media in structured intervals or time periods. This allows the brain and body to do other things. The brain has many different parts and if only a few parts are used the rest of the parts will atrophy. So stimulating it in many different ways throughout the day is best. Socially, musically, educationally, reading, physically, spiritually and so on.

Integrate and meditate on the wisdom of the Buddha which teaches us that nothing remains the same and this too shall pass. Focus on this moment and what you need in this moment. Plan smartly and as appropriate for the future but do not fixate on worrying about it. Stay grateful. And breathe. The sun rises every day. And so will you!

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