No Willpower? Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need it!

By Michelle Gaugler, Certified Nutrition Coach

Action Creates Motivation, Not the Opposite!

Action in any direction can help to create motivation inside us that helps to propel us forward. You would think it was the other way around, right??

How many people (including yourself) have said “if only I could get motivated I would ______.” Fill in the blank with eat better, exercise more, read more, travel more, take care of my house more, engage with my family and friends and so on. But the truth is that most human beings do not have this fictious “will power” whatever that is.

The good news is: YOU DON’T NEED TO have an unlimited supply of will power within you. If you create a lifestyle that sets you up for success then you do not have to rely on a feeling to keep your life going in a positive and healthful direction—your lifestyle propels you by creating action and an environment where behaviors happen. These behaviors then create momentum and the motivation to continue.

For example, we are more likely to eat food items that are within close proximity to us (aka our home) so if there is food that does not support your goals you may want to keep it out of your home. Fill your home with food that supports you. This is a way to create an environment that supports you even when you have moments of “no willpower.”

Working with a lifestyle coach can help you rearrange your life so that your environment and habits support your goals for the long term!

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