Throw Away Your Diet and Try This Instead

Did you know that humans are the only species on earth who use the phrase “to diet”? All other animals simply eat without tedious restrictions (less poisonous items of course!) This can give us some insight into why so many people try to “diet” and find themselves frustrated or unsuccessful at reaching their goals. Because to be “on a diet” is not natural. And extreme changes in your eating lifestyle can cause great stress to your body and disrupt your hormonal balance.

So instead of “dieting” try to create a lifestyle or a system in which you can be successful for the long haul, not just in short bursts. We create systems every day to help us get ready in the morning, get to our places of employment and take care of our families. So I KNOW you have the skills to do this, you just need to use those skills in a different way.

It starts with being honest about how you spend your time and energy and other barriers to your success. And the second step is to create a plan for creating a successful environment. For example, if you know that you binge on ice cream at night and this is counteractive to your health and wellness goals then not buying the ice cream can be a good step towards creating a supportive home environment.

If you find it hard to find the time to plan meals or meal prep, include your family and it can be fun as well as educational for the family and you accomplish the goal of having healthy foods on hand throughout the week for your household.

If you are unsure about what foods work for you or how many times a day to eat or what times a day work best for your body, connect with a nutrition coach who can help you analyze your eating patterns and help you tweak them as needed.

In other words, forget dieting and try to create a sustainable lifestyle that supports you and your family’s health and wellness goals! And using an accountability partner such as a nutrition or lifestyle coach can help you create a new system of living!

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