There Is No Such Thing as Failure!

By Michelle Gaugler

The word “failure” comes with such a negative stigma so many of us have grown to be afraid of failure and try to avoid it at all costs. Many people invest a lot of time and energy into avoiding anything that comes with an element of risk because they are so afraid to fail. This keeps many of us from taking some kind of risk that could potentially reap rewards such as pride, confidence, meaningful engagement with others and, perhaps, financial reward.

But what if I told you that there is no such thing as failure? That you either succeed or you learn? That you either succeed or you get feedback on what to do differently moving forward? Switching gears from a failure model to a feedback model can help you stay fully present in any moment, let go of the self-judgement you may feel holding you back and allow you to start to take risks to increase your performance in all areas of your life.

How to gather feedback:

  1. Mindfulness: how does your body feel, what are your emotions doing at any given time
  2. Self-Talk: what are you telling yourself about yourself, are you being very negative or encouraging to yourself
  3. Check Ins: set a timer on your phone so throughout the day you check in with your body and mind
  4. Observation: constantly monitor what is going on and make observations (not judgments)
  5. Outcomes: make realistic outcomes and track progress towards those goals
  6. Employ a coach to help you monitor, encourage and make suggestions

If something you are doing does not appear to have the results you want, rather than throw in the towel completely, decide what you can do to make a slight change and see if you get a different outcome. There is rarely a situation where there is only one choice or option.

There is no failure, forget the failure model of looking at your life: you either meet the goal you have set or analyze the data in order to pivot in a different direction.

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