Losing the Weight in Your Head

By Michelle Gaugler, Nutrition Coach

American culture seems to be obsessed with losing weight and/or dieting. It is such a pervasive cultural value that girls as young as 7 and 8 can be heard talking about being on a diet and losing weight. Additionally, social media has created an entire world in which fake and altered photos are projected as reality which accelerates this cultural value.

We also live in a world where we can access a lot of information very quickly. We struggle to let a screen load when it is loading too slow for us! We want fast results and if we have to wait for our weight loss program to work we lose patience and want to move on to the next thing.

With all that pressure and information, people will often vacillate between different diets, supplements and workouts trying to find the magic pill that will instantly remove the weight they wish to lose.

However, I would boldly say that the weight we often want to lose is not found on our bodies but inside our minds. Our relationship with food will strongly influence our ability to change what our body looks like through weight loss or body composition.

Your food relationship is not something that was developed quickly and will not be changed overnight either. We learned how to view food for the first 13-18 years of life and it takes purposeful and meaningful steps to alter how your brain sees food, sees your body, sees your value and worth and sees your place in the world separate from the poundage you happen to carry.

Once you can identify what the relationship is that you have with food, it is easier to alter it! Do you see food as “bad” or “good”? Do you feel guilty when you eat something? Do you feel you are less worthy because of your body weight? All these are clues that you may have a dysfunctional relationship with food. So…. it is your head that needs the work first! Then and only then will the body and nutrition work will show the progress you want!

Using a nutrition coach can be a good way to help work through this complex relationship because it allows you to get your thoughts outside your head to examine them under neutral territory and see if the truths you have always believed still hold the muster!

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