This Ain’t Santa’s Sled:

Fitness Sleds for the Every Day Fitness Consumer

We are going to talk sleds today and I don’t mean the one Santa rides! Sleds have traditionally been seen as a fitness tool athletes will use, however, they have so many benefits for every day fitness consumers.

There are different types of sleds that can be used different ways. there are sleds that have two types of handles to work upper and lower body. Another type of sled can accommodate heavy weight loads strength development. And yet other sleds that you can drag sideways and outside.

A sled can be used to increase cardiovascular endurance in shorter amounts of training time which can reduce wear and tear on joints. Imagine if you could get the muscle and cardiovascular benefits of jogging or running without the repetitive motion of jogging or running on a treadmill or pavement.

Sleds can be beneficial for people who do not have the time for long muscle recovery. Volume can be added to workouts to provide a higher intensity with faster recovery times.

Sleds can be used for a metabolic workout enhancement to accelerate fat loss. Short bursts can be integrated into a workout to create the high intensity workout designed to help burn fat.

Sleds are used to develop proper movement and motor patterns so they can help train our muscles to move the correct way–not the way we have developed over time. This helps to prevent injuries involving weak ankles, knees, hips and backs!

And finally, sleds are used for strength and power development by going short distances with high weight loads. It can be a game changer for developing power in a short training time.

Do not be intimidated by sleds! Jump off that treadmill and try a sled instead!

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