Why Did I Start Eating Like a Bear?

The Weather Changed and I am Eating Like a Bear—is that Normal??????

Do you ever notice that your body will ask for more food (quite incessantly) in the fall/winter and in the spring/summer may not ask for as much? This is because your body, much like the animals that we evolved from, use food to add fat storage to prepare for colder months and reduces food intake to shed fat storage in the warmer months.

So if you find yourself craving foods that are high in carbohydrate and/or fat content when the weather changes from summer to fall, do not be alarmed! Your body is simply getting ready to hibernate. Know that this is normal and do not be alarmed.

With that being said, however, most of us have warm homes to live in during winter and do not need to put on 50 pounds of fat like an animal to actually hibernate so we want to put controls in place and limit excess weight gain and overeating.

Here are some tips to help:

Start your day eating the right way. Give yourself a good breakfast experience with plenty of nutrients and a good balance of protein, carbs and fat to keep yourself full and satisfied. Use eggs, quinoa, beans and vegetables like spinach to get a good balance!

Do not let yourself get overly hungry during the day. Many people think I am crazy when I tell them to eat MORE calories than they are throughout the day but your body needs a good stream of quality nutrients. So make sure you have a good plan for each meal throughout the day to get enough calories and nutrients. This helps shut off the cravings! A nutrition coach can be helpful to figuring out how many calories you should shoot for and what your macronutrient split should look like for each meal.

Get moving! Movement in your muscle fibers triggers the muscle fibers to send out a message to your body to process the fuel you take in (food) a certain way in order to build muscle and distribute the nutrients around your body as they’re needed. When you do not move, and muscle fibers do not send out that communication so your body puts the fuel it does not immediately use into storage (aka fat). So long story short, the more you move, the more effective your body will use fuel and the less that gets stored as fat!

So again, if you feel your food cravings ramping up this time of year, recognize that this can be normal but if you feel out of control seek help to put a plan in place and boundaries in place so you can continue to be successful!

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