Does Exercise Really Make a Difference?

Yes it does! Exercise can impact your life in such a positive way it makes MORE sense to exercise then NOT to exercise! When exercise and nutrition are added to any health and wellness plan, the results are accelerated, noticeable and sustainable!


Exercise triggers the brain and body to release hormones that have a positive impact on depression and anxiety. Exercise helps to alleviate things that contribute to fatigue such as stress, poor posture, poor sleep and poor circulation. Exercise helps to release hormones that helps muscles release stored stress and tightness which contributes to better sleep.

Body Pain

Exercise forces the joints to move which causes the body to produce synovial fluid and force that fluid to circulate in joint space to reduce arthritic pain. Exercise strengthens the muscles that help stabilize the back such as the hamstrings, lower back extensor muscles and abdominal muscles and reduces back pain. Exercise helps to strengthen all the muscles that stabilize the knee so the stronger the environment around the knee, the more stable the knee will be and the less pain will occur. Exercises such as strength or resistance training can increase bone density and prevent osteoarthritis.

Weight Loss

Exercise helps to burn fat, stimulate cells to more efficiently burn fuel (aka food), increase metabolic rate and increase lean muscle mass for anyone who struggles with weight loss.

Chronic Conditions and Disease Management

Exercise helps the body use fuel (aka food) more efficiently to help the body regulate insulin for people who have diabetes. Exercise helps to lower body fat, helps to increase blood circulation, lowered heart rate and increase heart efficacy to positively impact or prevent heart disease. Exercise helps to improve cholesterol by increasing HDL (the good cholesterol) levels in the blood and decrease LDL (the not so good cholesterol). Exercise helps to increase motility of the GI Tract as well as strengthen muscles required for passing stool to help with constipation.

So all that being said, it truly does make sense to exercise regularly (3-5 days/week). If you are struggling to get started with a wellness or fitness program please reach out to a coach to help!

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