Am Getting Anywhere in My Journey to Health and Wellness?

When you are on a journey that is challenging, sometimes it may be hard to see how much progress you have truly made. So let me help!

Getting on the path to greater health and wellness is a noble journey. The path can feel full of ups and downs, turns and curves, roadblocks and hills. Sometimes it feels like you are on a highway with the windows down and wind blowing through your hair and other times it feels like rush hour traffic in the dead of summer with no air conditioning! And sometimes while you are in the midst of journeying, it can be hard to identify progress, especially if you are facing a challenge at the time.

Some indicators you can use as measurements of progress:

Body measurements. Track certain body measurements over time to see how your body composition may be changing. For example, your waist can be a good way to measure fat reduction.

Physical indicators. Measuring blood pressure, blood sugar or labwork can show changes over time at a cellular level that impact how your body is processing fuel (food).

Psychological indicators. Measuring mood, anxiety and perceptions can give you insight into how you are handling the stresses of your day. These indicators can actually change and improve as your health and nutritional wellness improves. A great way to measure psychological factors is simply by journaling or by measuring frequency of interventions (therapy, medication, massages, etc) over time.

Social or life indicators. Measuring participation in daily life activities with family and friends or improving relationships. Participation in new activities or making new friends.

Behaviors. Measuring how consistent you are in your eating behaviors is HUGE! How well do you follow through on tasks. You can create spreadsheets, charts or use apps to help track consistency. Are you taking increased risks because of increased confidence? This is an indicator of a behavior shift!

Human nature is to stop if we get discouraged or think that what we are doing is not working or making a difference. Learning how to identify, track or measure progress can be crucial to your overall gains because if you can successful learn this skill, you will BLOW through every plateau, every moment you want to stop and every time you feel doubt! If you struggle to learn this skill on your own, please partner with a coach who can help you hone your skills!

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