Be a Nutrition Guru in 5 Minutes or Less!

Most people think that you need certifications or degrees to figure out what the best thing to do when it comes to good eating. But in reality, there are a couple skills that anyone can do to produces a healthy lifestyle.

First, ensure that you are planning and preparing your food consistently. A lack of commitment to this step is guaranteed to set you up to fail in the nutrition department all week long. Even if you have to buy pre chopped vegetables because you do not have time to chop your own, cook the vegetables instead of stopping and getting fast food!

Secondly regulating our behaviors as they relate to food is important. Identifying why we eat when we do is key to making sustainable changes to our behavior. Many times our eating behaviors are linked to deeper feelings and disordered thoughts that we need to work through in order to resolve or change the behavior. For example if you see that you reach for food when you feel lonely this is great insight into your eating behavior and you can make changes based on that data!

Thirdly, learning to provide our bodies with fuel/energy input to match our energy output is another skill that can take time to cultivate. We may have learned to eat at certain times of day even if we are not hungry. We may have learned to eat everything on our plates even if we are not hungry. We may have learned to eat the same amounts of food regardless of our activity levels. So learning to match the energy input to output can take some practice!

Another skill is to increase the quality of the food you eat. And start where you are and make positive change from there. So if you are main lining fast food, start by cooking your own food. If you cook your own food, increase your vegetables and swap out nutrient deficient carbohydrates for nutrient dense ones. If you eat a lot of sugar, start by decreasing refined sugar and only eat sugar in natural forms. There are always steps you can take on the continuum!

Moving regularly and consistently is as important as the food you put in your mouth. Without movement you will not see as well a result as you may like. Muscle fiber stimulation triggers the body to process food differently then if muscle fibers are not stimulated including whether to store or use the fuel/food!

And lastly, creating a supportive environment around you is absolutely key to a healthy lifestyle. Human beings are social creatures by evolution so we tend to look to those around us for approval. If we are surrounded by people that are supportive of our goals then we are more likely to achieve them. If we are surrounded by people who are not supportive then we are less likely to achieve them. So surrounding ourselves with a supportive network as well as a supportive home environment is important. What is in your fridge? Your pantry? Your cabinets? Does it support your healthy lifestyle?

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