Be a Nutrition Guru in 5 Minutes or Less!

Most people think that you need certifications or degrees to figure out what the best thing to do when it comes to good eating. But in reality, there are a couple skills that anyone can do to produces a healthy lifestyle. First, ensure that you are planning and preparing your food consistently. A lack ofContinue reading “Be a Nutrition Guru in 5 Minutes or Less!”

I Cannot Lose Fat–What Can I Do?

This article is for the person who has already and consistently implemented the foundation of a healthy lifestyle (balanced eating, adequate recovery, enough water and enough movement to put them in a calorie deficit) but are not seeing any gains. There are hormone conditions that can impact how our body processes the energy (aka food)Continue reading “I Cannot Lose Fat–What Can I Do?”

Fool Proof Decision Making

Life can be tough. So having a solid decision making process to help navigate situations r quickly and in an organized pattern can be helpful. You will find yourself coming to solid decisions faster using the method described below! Identify what the problem/challenge really is. Sometimes what we think the challenge is turns out toContinue reading “Fool Proof Decision Making”

How Do I Stop Making Poor Choices?

Have you ever felt frustrated, wondering why you keep making a decision that does not support your goals such as bingeing, overspending, not exercising, etc? Because our behavior is driven by neural pathways in our brains that are reinforced over time, it takes conscious thought and redirection of those pathways to change habits or toContinue reading “How Do I Stop Making Poor Choices?”

Will Supplements Help Me?

What a loaded question! When people ask me this question I ask them what they are hoping to achieve because there are a few reasons you DO NOT want to use supplements: Reason #1: A fast weight drop. Sustainable weight loss comes from a combination of an exercise plan and nutrition plan consistently over time.Continue reading “Will Supplements Help Me?”

Making Thanksgiving a Practice, Not Just a Day

As we approach Thanksgiving I am reminded of how easy it is to get sidetracked by all the “stuff” involved in a holiday and forget the reason and spirit behind the holiday. And I am reminded that without a Thankful Spirit, the holiday means nothing more than eating food, seeing family and, perhaps, watching football.Continue reading “Making Thanksgiving a Practice, Not Just a Day”

Make this the Thanksgiving you are a Success!

Holidays often cause people angst as they try to deal with their desire to overindulge or their family traditions and then experience feelings such as guilt and shame or plain physical discomfort after the fact. So how can you avoid the holiday angst? By keeping a balanced approach and attitude. Here are a few tips:Continue reading “Make this the Thanksgiving you are a Success!”

Working Out is Stressful? And Food Can Help?

Intense workouts or athletic training and the positive changes the body undergoes in response to training is due to putting the body and its muscles through controlled periods of stress and tension. It may be a GOOD form of stress, but is stress nonetheless. So, it is important to provide the body with opportunities toContinue reading “Working Out is Stressful? And Food Can Help?”

How Do I Stop Eating Junk Food?

A great first step is to take notice when you are eating food versus food-like substances. We are surrounded by food imitators every day in our supermarkets and in fast “food” restaurants. Substances and chemicals are parading around as food! Real food is easy to recognize. It does not have any (or few) ingredients. RealContinue reading “How Do I Stop Eating Junk Food?”

How Do I Get My Kids To Eat Better?

Sometimes this can feel like a daunting task but boiling it down to basics can make it easier. And while it may feel challenging today to take the time required to provide a nutritious lifestyle for a child, it is possible to build a sustainable and satisfying eating lifestyle that they take with them intoContinue reading “How Do I Get My Kids To Eat Better?”